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Top 25 Paranormal Skeptic Blogs

Do you believe? Whether you’ve had a firsthand experience with the paranormal or seldom believe the ghost stories you heard as a kid, these are the blogs to turn to when you want a major myth or paranormal experience debunked. Some paranormal historians have made a career out of this and now blog on the topic to prevent folks from being spooked by events and reports that can be explained with pure logic.

Top Paranormal Skeptic Blogs

If it’s ghosts, oujia boards or fortune tellers, these paranormal skeptic blogs will prove nearly any claim wrong.

    1. The Skeptical Teacher This blog is all about debunking myths when it comes to government cover-ups, ghosts and aliens.
    2. Skepdic – Paranormal This blog gives you the scoop on some of the big names in the field that have put a stop to lies and heresay from the paranormal realm.
    3. Lynne Kelly – The Skeptic’s Guide to the Paranormal If you’re a skeptic without the time to research why you don’t believe paranormal claims, this site offers a crash course in terms and major happenings in the world of the paranormal.
    4. Skeptical Analysis This skeptic blog aims to debunk major paranormal news stories that often get picked up by major media outlets. The site hasn’t been updated in awhile, but still provides a great amount of research material for the modern day skeptic.
    5. Travel Paranormal If you’re looking for a one-on-one experience with the paranormal, this site gives you a rundown of haunted places throughout the U.S. and which claim to be haunted.
    6. Debunking Skeptics Sometimes a skeptic claim will be debunked by those who do believe. This blog is a place where believers prove skeptics wrong with cold hard facts.
    7. Skeptic This site uses scientific facts to showcase paranormal hoaxes that are reported weekly from around the globe.
    8. Skepticism Get a round-up of YouTube videos that debunk various paranormal sightings or talked-about events.
    9. The Skeptics Guide Here scientists pick apart paranormal and holistic medical claims, so you’re getting facts from the experts, not some wack job trolling the Internet.
    10. Skepdic – The Skeptic’s Dictionary Here’s a glossary of all of the paranormal and religious terms that skeptics go after when they think a hoax is going on.
    11. Snopes This popular skeptic website put rumors of Jesus in tortillas and ghosts in classrooms to rest.
    12. What’s the Harm? This blog asks for critical analysis of some of the grand claims being made such as the work of The Secret and its tactics.
    13. Skepchick This blog does a weekly round-up of things to be skeptical of (or news on things that have been disproven).
    14. Skeptico This skeptic blog gives you posts on crop circles and UFOs.
    15. Skepbitch We love this skeptic blog because the writer has a way with words and is never shy about calling out paranormal or religious activity that’s false.

UFOs and Alien Skeptic Blogs and Articles

If you think gray is just a color, you’re in the good company of these UFOs and alien skeptic blogs and articles.

    16. Bad UFOs This blog breaks the truth on lousy UFO hoaxes and also talks some religion and conspiracy theories.
    17. About UFOs – Philip J. Klass Learn about the legendary UFO debunker who is well-respected in the skeptic and scientific community.
    18. Just Skeptics This skeptic blog talks about religion, science and has plenty of UFO and alien chatter too.
    19. Boston Skeptics This group of skeptics based in Boston talk about various paranormal hoaxes, include aliens, shadow people and alien air crafts.
    20. UFO Evidence – Skeptics This gives you a rundown of some of the major players in the world of UFO skeptics and explains their stance on particular alien occurences.

Ghost Skeptic Blogs and Articles

Do you believe in getting caught between worlds? These skeptic blogs and articles focus on ghost sightings.

    21. Skeptical Viewer This site deals with ghosts and debunking television show gimmicks, but instead of doubting them for the beginning, it offers an analysis of why something is a hoax.
    22. Open Minded Skeptic This site is all about ghosts and deciphering the possibly real from the totally fake.
    23. Victorian Skeptics This blog is penned by skeptics from Australia who are out to debunk ghosts, religious claims and more.
    24. Randi This is the website of the great debunker, James Randi and talks about ghosts and other types of paranormal.
    25 Jeremy the Skeptic This blgo no longer updates, but it does have a wide array of archived posts on ghosts, predictions and the paranormal.

If you’re after real answers on aliens, ghosts or even miracles that sound too good to be true, visit these top paranormal skeptic blogs for a rational look at what’s out there. Opening your mind to the possibility of things being wrong is just as liberating as keeping a clear head to welcome new ideas and events.